How to Record Videos with the LG G5 Camera

As always, I am here to help you get the best out of your new phone. As you can see, this time I am talking about LG G5 and one of its key elements – that gorgeous camera that you should start using the minute you finish reading this guide if you haven’t done that already!

Don’t you tell me that you own such an amazing smartphone and you haven’t used the camera for recording at least one single video up to this point! The LG G5 camera gives you the chance to record videos in high-resolution and then, the videos will be automatically saved to the Gallery. I am also sure that you will like the results; the videos that I have recorded using the LG G5’s cameras came out well, just I can assure you that the focus is quick to lock onto your subject and can handle changes in lighting better than I first imagined.

Even more, you can shoot up to Ultra HD video and get the best clarity possible, but if you feel slightly confused and don’t know how to record videos on your device, let me help you with a described procedure.

You must always start with the basics, there’s no shame in that. You have plenty of time to discover the LG G5 camera and to master it properly and here I am to offer you my guidance:

How to Record Videos with LG’s G5 Camera:

  1. First of all, you must tap the Home key;
  2. Then, open the camera app by tapping the Camera icon;
  3. Frame your subject on the screen;
  4. To begin recording the video, tap the Camera-Video icon;
  5. You can always see the length of the video you are recording on the upper-right of the screen;
  6. Don’t forget that you also have the possibility to snap photos while recording a video. For that to be possible, you must only tap the Take Photo icon while recording video;
  7. If you want to pause the video recording, tap you have to tap the Pause Video icon (parallel line);
  8. Up next, in order to resume the recording, tap the Record Video icon;
  9. To stop the video recording operation, just tap the square icon – this is the one for Stop recording and your wish will come true.

So, stop being afraid of new and try all these out! You are lucky to own such a great device, but what’s the point if you do not use it?

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