Learn to Safely Root Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE Neo

Despite of what manufacturers might claim, the truth is that their devices come with flaws, especially at the software chapter. However, we are unrestless Android users and nothing stays in our way when it comes to improving and tweaking our devices.

One such an example is none other than the rooting operation that many perform on their handsets. I make no mistake by saying that this is a process of accessing internal system of the device to technically upgrade it and bring it to the next level by gaining admin rights. Since rooting means getting the key to a world of possibilities, don’t you want that for your Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE Neo too?

If you’ve researched anything about Android on the internet, then you’ve most likely seen and read about all these advantages, but are you also aware of the preparatory steps for such a procedure? There are a few things that you must take care of in order to safely root your Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE Neo:

  • Back up all your important data if you want to keep using it even after the procedure ends;
  • A computer is necessary for successfully completing this procedure, so don’t let things this way. If you have problems while trying to download the required file, temporarily deactivate the security features;
  • Also install the phone’s drivers in your PC;
  • Even more, you will have to connect your Galaxy J1 Ace Neo smartphone with your computer in order to resume the root process, so enable Developer Options and check the USB debugging field. For Developer Options, enter into Menu – Settings – About phone and tap a few times on Built Number. You can find the USB Debugging field under Menu – Settings – Developer options;
  • Plug in the charger on your smartphone if the battery power currently shows less than 50% power left.

Developers do their best to reduce chances of mishap, but there’s no guarantee that everything will work perfectly. Moreover, it is possible to permanently damage a rooted phone by not being careful enough, by mixing or skipping the given steps. As the saying goes, with great power always comes great responsibility.

And to avoid any confusion, I want to be clear about the fact that you can use the guidelines from below only if you own the Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE Neo device; the zip file will only work on this version and might permanently damage other devices.

Here are the actual steps:

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE Neo:

  1. Download the zip file to your PC from this link;
  2. Connect your smartphone with your PC with the help of the USB cable;
  3. Transfer the downloaded file from your computer, to your J1 Ace Neo;
  4. Remove the USB connection and power off your device;
  5. Run Root-En.exe;
  6. If you haven’t installed the drivers already, type yes (y) and press Enter;
  7. Otherwise type no (n);
  8. At this time, a dialogue box will appear in your mobile. Tap the check box and select Accept;
  9. After detecting your Samsung Galaxy J1 ACE Neo, the tool will open Odin;
  10. Select AP;
  11. Navigate to the extracted zip folder contents, and select the boot.tar file;
  12. Select Start;
  13. If successful (PASS!), the Galaxy phone will reboot;
  14. Sit back while the program does its job and when prompted, press any key to reboot your device again;
  15. Now, you must open Apps-> SuperSU;
  16. Press Accept in the prompt. You will then be asked to update binaries;
  17. Press Update and let the process finish;
  18. When the procedure is finished, reboot your phone once again.

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  1. Wayne Draper says:

    I’m getting a message “Custom binary (KERNEL) blocked by FRP lock”. What does this mean and how do I get past it?

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