How to Enjoy New Wallpapers from Android N Preview 3

I bet that your mind is running wild to the latest Android N Developer Preview 3 and its goodies in the last few days. The previous two releases of Android N were Alpha releases while this third developer preview is the first Beta launch, so things are truly promising.

In addition to the pinkAndroid N background image introduced in the first preview, it seems that there are no less than four new nature wallpapers that you should know about. They might be what you are looking for as long as Google’s wallpapers are always great and have never been seen as a disappointment. The four that I am talking about this time are the classic aerial shots of coasts and various water bodies.

Do you like the idea of downloading the .zip file that includes the full resolution papers (2880×2560 pixels)? You have to admit that nothing makes your phone more special and personalized than the wallpaper that you choose. If you have a good feeling about these wallpapers and you’d like to see one of them on your device all the time, these simple steps will show you what to do:

How to Enjoy New Wallpapers from Android N Preview 3:

  1. First of all, here you can find the wallpapers that I have told you about from the start;
  2. After grabbing them, don’t hesitate to place them on your computer or laptop;
  3. Extract the zip file;
  4. Then, transfer the four wallpapers to your current Android device;
  5. At the end, just enter into Settings and change your current wallpaper from the display option.

Other wallpapers that are waiting to be enjoyed:

  • Download Xiaomi Mi 4S Stock Wallpapers on your Android Device;
  • You can also Enjoy LG G5 Stock Wallpapers in Quad HD Quality on any Android handset. And I am talking about a number of 21 photos that can be taken right away, so be sure that you have where to choose from; enter here if you want to keep reading;
  • You can Get Shifting Shapes and Colors on your Homescreen by using Minima Live Wallpaper. This has more than 90 live wallpapers, along with other 100+ user made live wallpapers, so once again there is something for everyone;
  • Are you thinking of Samsung’s latest smartphones instead? Then, learn how to Enjoy Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Wallpapers on your own device with the help of this tutorial;
  • You can Install and Use WonderWall, a great new Android Wallpaper App that so many amazing landscapes and nature choices! Which one is yours?

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