How to Solve Galaxy S9 Fingerprint Scanner Problems

Samsung recently upgraded its Galaxy S-series with the launch of next-gen Galaxy S9 and the handset is definitely amazing. Even if it flaunts a similar-to-S8 design, the Korean company here included the latest specs, innovative hardware and a more refined software, so worry not. You made no mistake by making such a choice. You should repeat that to yourself even when certain problems appear.

It is very convenient for us to unlock our Galaxy S9 handset with fingerprint. However, things don’t always go well and at some point, the fingerprint scanner just stops working. In fact, several users across the internet have already started to complain that the “Fingerprint sensor has stopped working” error keeps popping up on their smartphone and something tells me that you are one of them too.

I can only expect Samsung to resolve this issue through a software update soon, but sometimes waiting kills me and I like to take the matter in my own hands.

How to Solve Galaxy S9 Fingerprint Scanner Problems:

  • Firstly, don’t panic. Secondly, you should better think of resetting the Fingerprint settings to factory default and add them again to see if the issue is resolved. The solution is offered by XDA user tsiglas, right after numerous European Galaxy S9 users have reported facing the fingerprint scanner issue, pointing out in the direction of a software issue. For that, you must follow these steps:
  1. Enter into Settings;
  2. Then, go to Lock screen & Security;
  3. You have to delete all of the fingerprints that you have added to the system;
  4. Now, reboot the handset by pressing and holding the Power button to select Restart;
  5. With the handset restarted, go back to Settings – Lock screen & Security;
  6. Then, add your fingerprints back to the system;
  7. Check to see if your newly added fingerprints work in unlocking the Galaxy S9 and once again reboot the device;
  8. Open the Dialer app on the device;
  9. While there, don’t hesitate to enter *#0*#, which will take you to the service menu;
  10. Navigate to Sensors – Fingerprint;
  11. Here, you have to tap on Normal and reboot your device once you see the Pass message show up.
  • Has this worked for you? If it hasn’t, then do a factory resetting procedure. Factory resetting the phone will delete all data and brings your phone back to factory state and I know that this could turn into a frustration. Therefore, backup important data to a computer (or in any other way) before performing a factory reset and remember that such things happen to all of us.

Any more questions about fingerprint scanner not working on your device? Leave your question below and be sure that I will see what I can do.

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