How to Enjoy YouTube Go which is now out of beta

As many of you probably now up to this point, Google released ‘YouTube Go – this is nothing else than a super-lightweight version of the YouTube app tailored for a few developing countries (yes, I know that you all want it, so keep on reading). The app, as you might already know, lets those who have access to very little internet bandwidth enjoy the very best YouTube mobile viewing experience and I bet that you can be one of them too.

There is no secret when it comes to the fact that the big G has been tweaking YouTube Go since it first arrived in April, yet up until just recently, the very same app was in beta — which might disappoint some users for one reason or another, but this is not the case anymore. You can finally enjoy YouTube Go which is now out of beta.

As Google notes in the app’s description over at the Play Store, YouTube Go packs some major features that the standard YouTube app doesn’t: I am talking about the ability to easily control your data usage, download and watch videos later, share videos without using data, as well as an overall package size of just 9.4MB. Well, you basically have the option to download videos in varying qualities, and then send the local copies to nearby friends over Bluetooth. In areas where a working data connection can be hard to come by, such sort of features are simply great, that is for sure.

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However, remember the fact that it’s still only available in a handful of countries, such as India and Indonesia. To all other interested, I have only one message left: waste no more tine and download it from APKMirror right away.

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