Make Sure your Data isn’t Lost with Easier Backup

A few years ago, mobile phones were basic devices that could send and receive voice calls but not do much else. Now, they are a wonder in our pockets and about as significant as full-fledged desktop PCs and laptops. So, it would be a nightmare to accidentally delete something valuable to your work or private life. Google is indeed there to let you keep all your apps and data safe. You just need to find your way into Backup & Reset and find the option for backing up the desired type of data.

All of this will be associated with your Google account, and you can set this to automatically restore when you re-install an app, but it’s still quite basic, don’t you think? Also remember that most major smartphone platforms can back up their data to a computer or to the Internet. In the event of a crash, the data can be easily restored when the device is repaired.

Even so, some might still want more. I agree with you on that. Planning ahead is the easiest way to make sure your data isn’t lost, even if your phone is destroyed. You should therefore know that there are methods, apps and backup programs that you might consider using and Easier Backup is such an example.

Easier Backup does one thing and it does it right

Well, this app basically what the name says. It backs up your contacts. You can do that with a single touch and send yourself a .vcf attachment via email. Like that, all your contacts can easily be restored at any time by simply opening .vcard file through your mailbox.

What I truly like about it? Well, the app works offline, it includes support for VFC, and quick export to basically whatever you want. That includes cloud storage, Google Drive, or your very own PC.

Even more, Easier Backup has support for no less than 15 languages, Material Design and the promise of no more than one tap to backup your contacts! Grab Easier backup and try it out right away. Then, let us know what do you think about the app.

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