How to Install Leaked Galaxy Note 7 Wallpapers on any Android Device

The August 2nd announcement of Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy Note 7 seems to be closer than ever, not to mention that the Korean company has already sent out the invites for the event to be held in New York City. Are you also waiting for the upcoming Samsung phablet? We pretty much know how the device looks like and what specs it’s supposed to have, not to mention that it will be featuring a new and improved S Pen and that Samsung is already testing the upcoming version of Touchwiz with a few Beta testers.

The updated TouchWiz UI is named the Grace UI and would come preinstalled in the Note 7 and I also hope that Grace UI may reach previous generation flagship devices via an update. However, there is something else that captured my attention today. I also have an idea about the design of the wallpapers that Samsung will be shipping with the phone as long as they already leaked.

These leaked Galaxy Note 7 wallpapers are available in two sets. One of them has the regular geometric shapes and shades that you are probably used to, while the other set shows a number of S Pen outlines. S Pen outlines are sketched in different colors, most probably according to different color options of the phablet itself. After all, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is expected to arrive in Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, Blue Coral, Gold and possibly a Purple or Pink tone too, so the leaked Galaxy Note 7 wallpapers are pretty much a match.

Are you also looking for a new Android device? Do you think Note 7 can be the answer to your searches? One thing is for sure: you can get a feeling of having it by installing these wallpapers on your current Android device right away:

How to Install Leaked Galaxy Note 7 Wallpapers on any Android Device:

  1. First of all, download the full resolution wallpapers from here to your computer or laptop;
  2. Extract the zip file;
  3. Use the device’s USB cord in order transfer the wallpapers to your device;
  4. Enter into the Settings option;
  5. From there you can choose the current wallpaper using the display option.

What do you think of them? As for the release event, this will be taking place in New York City at 11AM. We’ll keep you in the loop and don’t hesitate to watch the live stream of the event if you are excited about this Samsung phablet as well. I don’t know about you, but I am sure of the fact that Note 7 will be loved by those who are usually falling for the larger screen type and innovation.

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