How to Boost Up Pixel 3 XL Fast Wireless Charging Speed

Wireless charging is something that it is becoming very common lately. Most of Android phones are capable of charging wirelessly nowadays and your Pixel 3 XL has joined the club. You probably already know that Google’s Assistant UI would only work on the Pixel Stand. Well, I think that such a decision by Google is understandable.

Less understandable is that your Pixel 3 XL handset will only wirelessly charge at 10W on the Pixel Stand. Unless you use a Google-certified accessory, wireless fast charging will only work at half of the phone’s maximum 10 watt charging speed. And the handset will still say Charging rapidly on the always-on display even when charging is in fact limited as a result of Google’s decision.

Do you want to boost up Pixel 3 XL fast wireless charging speed on all Qi Chargers? You are not the only one saying it, so I am glad to give you great news. There is a way to do that now. Senior member “k0rner” has found the key trick and it works for your Pixel 3 XL!

How to Boost Up Pixel 3 XL Fast Wireless Charging Speed:

Well, let me tell you that there is an interesting control file in /sys/class/power_supply/wireless, voltage_max. It has the default value of 5000000 (5V), but there’s a catch. You may write values of up to 9000000 into it (9V), which surprisingly is accepted and leads to more charging current.

Note that the value can be modified while your Pixel 3 XL is wirelessly charging or else the file won’t accept such changes. Got that? If so, that’s the code that will do the magic for the phone.


echo 9000000 > /sys/class/power_supply/wireless/voltage_max
# Now, check what we’ve got
grep . /sys/class/power_supply/wireless/voltage_*
voltage_now:8568000 # Means it has been raised by device

You should also know the fact that the modified value goes back to its original state when the charging session is over, do don’t say that you haven’t been warned about this aspect. Pleasant or not, that’s what you are getting for now, but it still sounds pretty good.

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