Trim Down Data Use on the LG G5

The LG G5 has been one of the most awaited phones of the year and now is already in the pocket of so many buyers all over the world. While consumer forums have been buzzing with users curious about taking full advantage of the phone and see what goodies it packs, there are always things left unsaid or unexplored as they should.

Do you want to cut down your data yse on the LG G5? Mobile data – you just can’t get enough of it – I know that, but there should always be some sort of a limit that you shouldn’t cross no matter what is happening.

If you are also looking for something tricks you can do to save your mobile megs, to trim down the mobile data consumed by your LG G5 Android smartphone, these might help you:

How to Trim Down Data Use on the LG G5:

Use the Smart Doctor app

  1. Head to the Smart Doctor app installed in your phone;
  2. Tap the ‘Diagnose’ button at the bottom of the screen;
  3. In here you can find a special section marked as ‘Mobile Data’. The Mobile Data tool shows you which apps are eating up your data, and also takes you to the G5’s data settings;
  4. If you think an app is using up more data than it should and it’s an unnecessary app that you’ve downloaded, then don’t hesitate to restrict its background data privileges. Just give the app in cause a poke and then tap the ‘restrict background data’ slider button that pops up. With this enabled, the app can only use WiFi for jumping online, not your precious mobile data.

Make some changes in Google Photos
Google Photos is a really great app and I love its auto-backup routine. Pictures and videos too can be pretty big with all the megapixels pumping through the LG G5 camera. To help make sure that vacation, party, or day at the beach doesn’t consume all your data before you even know it, open the settings for Google’s Photos app and head to the Backup Settings. There, you have to back up photos over WiFi only, then turn Roaming backups of.

Turn on WiFi
Turning on your WiFi may also reduce your cellular data usage, especiay if you are one of those LG G5 users who often forget to turn on their WiFi while we’re at home or the office, letting apps gobble up our cellular data in places where we should be using WiFi. Even more, your home Internet provider and cellular provider may offer access to hotspots around town – and you might not even know they exist.

With these being said and cleared out, what do you generally think of the LG G5 device? Let me know about your complains, your findings and questions in the comments area down below!

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