How to Solve Pokémon Go GPS Error

Are you also captured by the entire Pokémon Go madness? I hope that you know what your limits are and that you are nothing more than an Android gamer who has some fun.

The Pokémon Go game requires an internet connection and a GPS signal in order to be enjoyed, GPS on which your location can be determined. That is the best way to use the map in Pokémon Go and discover new Pokemon, as well as PokeStops.

However, it can happen now that you will receive the following error message in Pokémon Go: “GPS signal not found”. Should this mean that this is the end of your adventure? Not at all, but here is what you should do in order to solve the Pokémon Go GPS signal problems:

How to Solve Pokémon Go GPS Error:

Check if the GPS is indeed enabled on your Android smartphone
Many Android phones come with their GPS radios turned off by default and the explanation is very simple: it’s all about saving some battery life, since this takes so much of your handset’s juice. So, verify is GPS is enabled: for that, you have to pull the status bar at the top of the screen to the middle. Here you will see a GPS icon and this must be marked when it is activated.

If there is no GPS toggle, then it’s time to open the expanded view in the status bar to see all the Quick Start toggles. If the GPS is not enabled on your Android smartphone, tap on the icon and the problem will be solved.

Check the location accuracy
There are times when the location accuracy might not be set to “high” and this is the main key for playing Pokemon Go with no issues. So, to avoid this potential problem, go to Home Screen -> App Menu -> Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Location. If you have done everything correctly, then this is Active. Now tap Search method and here you can select in each case the following setting: GPS, WiFi and mobile networks This gives you the highest location accuracy and Pokemon Go should not experience any other GPS signal errors.

AGPS Update Data
If there is no GPS signal for Pokémon Go, that you need to update the AGPS data manually. Unfortunately, such a feature in Android is not available, so you must use an app such as GPS Test:

  1. Take the app from the Google Play Store with the help of this link;
  2. Open it;
  3. Turn now, if not done, the GPS on your smartphone to “On”;
  4. Now open the menu in the app GPS Test;
  5. There you will find the two buttons;
  6. Press the sequence now: Clear AGPS Update AGPS;
  7. You have now successfully performed the reset of the A-GPS data on your Android phone and the new data loaded;
  8. Restart your phone;
  9. Re-open then app that you love so much: Pokémon Go. The GPS signal error should no longer be present.

Play the Game without GPS
If you are not the owner of an Android device with GPS, or are using a WiFi tablet that doesn’t have a GPS radio, you can still play Pokémon Go. Yes, Pokémon Go relies on having an internet connection and it will be able to locate you with just a Wi-Fi signal, but things will be a little different.

Sadly, you should understand that the experience won’t be as good, since you’ll need to be in areas that have strong Wi-Fi signals, such as restaurants, coffee shops, or other places that you can connect to.

These tips should help you with Pokémon Go to receive the GPS signal that you need so much.

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