Tap to Jump or Change Direction in Tap Tap Dash

There are thousands of games in Google’s Play Store. However it rarely happens when one comes across an idea with an interesting theme, but I am truly glad when I find such games. Tap Tap Dash is an example worthy of your attention and not only.

To tell you the truth, I am a smartphone game enthusiast and I have been playing Tap Tap Dash for quite a long time now (I am talking about months and not days or weeks) and I can say that it is frustratingly addictive. The Android game is pretty simple as you just have to tap to jump or change direction, but there is more about it.

Even if you might have the impression that everything happens on its own, the game doesn’t have its “own life” as you must carefully time your tap. A simple wrong tap will throw you off the path and think of the fact that Tap Tap Dash has more than 1000 levels, so yes, it is a difficult game.

However, there is an issue that I must tell you about from the start – I am talking about how much ads cost, they cost almost $2.00. Some might say that two dollars is a lot for ads, but the idea is that they don’t really pop up, so it isn’t as if they would be so intrusive that you have no other way but to pay. This time, paying becomes more as a way to thank the developers for their great idea, so do you still think that the price is too much for you?

Even so, I love it and definitely recommend it for a time killer! If you aren’t afraid of a challenge either, then you know what you have to do!

Grab the Tap Tap Dash app from here right away and let me know if it is or not what you are looking for. The comments area is waiting for you. And don’t hesitate to get your friends to play to see who can get the furthest.

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