Help your Froggy across the road with Frogger

It doesn’t always matter how powerful the processor of your smartphone really is or what new device stays in your pocket, but the truth is that sometimes only 8 bits are needed to make a gamer the happiest of all. Yes, there are still plenty of classic games available on Android and Frogger is one of the most popular ones at this point.

I don’t say that making a choice is an easy task where there are so many titles in the Android world, but in my case the nostalgic factor is there, along with personal memories about a game that made my childhood much more beautiful!

Believe it or not, the designer of Frogger was inspired by watching pedestrians try to cross an 8-lane highway. As you can imagine, he turned pedestrians into a frog and the 8-lane highway into a dangerous river full of obstacles. One wrong move and the frog gets it. And things are not at all easy as there are racing cars, trucks and hazards that you cannot even see coming, making the game so far from predictable!

All this time, you must use the arrow keys to move and cross the river by jumping on logs and turtles. Watch out for those turtles though, they have a habit of disappearing just when you don’t want them to!

The app has been around for a few years, but don’t let yourself fooled into that; the truth is that it features updated graphics while leaving the gameplay alone, so it is a real joy to play even these days. Even more, all of the original features are still in the game, right down to the fast-moving logs and those speedy cars, along with the cute frog that cannot make it on its own and still needs your help.

Yes, I know that you, as a gamer, have a very generous array of choices when it comes to video games, but the truth is that there is nothing more refreshing than a jump back in time with such amazing classics. So, put an end to your nostalgia and let me ask you: do you want to try out this game from the golden age of video games too? Help froggy across the road by taking the game from here and have fun!

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