Learn to Setup Iris Scanner on Samsung Galaxy S8

There are many people stating that Samsung Galaxy S8 is the nicest phone ever. Well, I have also been surprised by that beautiful combination of glass, metal, not to mention the massive screen in a body that’s much smaller than you might expect, but I am already passed that.

Don’t get me wrong; I love its looks and yet I find its features as being way more appealing to me. And God knows that there is so much to discover in Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8!

These days, there are plenty of Android smartphones that come with fingerprint scanner. However, only a few devices come with Iris scanner, so those of you thinking of a Galaxy S8 are truly lucky. The iris scanning found on the Note 7 is back, more powerful than ever before. Don’t tell me that you are not tempted by the idea because I don’t believe you!

Here I am to help those of you who want to learn how to setup fingerprint and iris scanner on their Samsung Galaxy S8.

Learn to Setup Iris Scanner on Samsung Galaxy S8:

  1. For the start, you need to go to your Samsung Galaxy S8’s Settings;
  2. Now, scroll down and under personal tab Tap on Lock screen and security;
  3. You will see Iris option there, so don’t hesitate to tap on it;
  4. Enter your current security method;
  5. You will see a box opening, guiding you about the iris scanner. You have to read it and then tap on Continue;
  6. Setup the Iris scanner;
  7. After you have setup the Iris scanner, you just have to tap on Turn On and that was pretty much all you had to do!

However, my advice is to stay tuned for more. We have all started to work on several Galaxy S8 tutorials, therefore get ready to discover the true potential of this device!

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