How to Use LG G3 Buttons as a Camera Shortcut

Are you looking for a way to quickly launch the camera on your LG G3 so that you never miss a special moment? Just like each manufacturer has its own trick at this chapter, it seems that LG G3 is no exception to that. Do you want to know how to use LG G3 buttons as a camera shortcut? Be sure that there’s a way of doing that and here you’ll find out more about it.

The LG G3 has a quick launch shortcut for the camera that we have just discovered. Just like we have all seen on the company’s G2, it seems that the new LG G3 also comes with no less than three buttons on the back, rather than on the sides. On the rear under the camera you can find a dedicated Power and wake button, as well as the usual Volume up and down buttons.

When the device was launched, LG specified that they are indeed customizable with shortcuts, but the company did not specified exactly how.

Now we have understood the story: both the Volume up and down buttons are ideal when it comes to instantly launching apps, even while the screen is off and locked, not to mention that you can change these buttons as a camera shortcut.

How to Use LG G3 Buttons as a Camera Shortcut:

  1. You must go to Settings by pulling down the notification bar and tapping the top right gear-shaped settings button;
  2. Go to the last column that can be found as “general”;
  3. Scroll down to “shortcut key” and click there. If they are turned off just flip the switch from “off” to “on” and you’re done.
  4. Now you can lock the LG G3 device and push and hold either of the buttons on the back. Yes, by simply doing so, the Volume down button will instantly launch the camera.

The volume up button can also launch the QuickMemo+ Note-taking app on the LG G3 if the screen is off, or the display is locked.

We like this feature integrated by LG, but it is not customizable like the rest of the device. The company lets us change the app-switching layout or the homecreen, re-arrange icons on the lockscreen, adjust vibration strength, remove items from LG G3 Notification Shade, connect Dropbox to LG G3 Music and Gallery Apps, change buttons to the on-screen navigation keys, customize LG G3 Navigation Buttons, set Auto Reply Messages for rejected phone calls, use battery saver app, customize the handset with G3 TweaksBox Xposed Module and more, but there are no customization options for these keys.

The shortcut dedicated for launching the camera is great, but we know that some of you would like to replace it Google Music or with Google Now voice search, but that’s not the case! At least not now! Was this guide helpful? Then, don’t hesitate to hit up our LG G3 Tips and Tricks: Best Tutorials to use article and there you’ll find out more about your device.

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