Screenshot Easy: Take Screenshots on your Android in Innovative Ways

Aren’t you sure that you should use an app such as Screenshot Easy on your Android device? Why giving such sort of an app a try? Let me just say that this third-party screenshot app might surprise you and no, don’t worry, no root is required. You can only imagine that its basic functionality is the same as the stock method, but it also comes with some great additional features that aren’t available natively. To be more precise, Screenshot Easy comes with some great usability functions, so it doesn’t only let you take screenshots on your Android device in innovative ways, but you can also view or edit them directly.

For example, Screenshot Easy lets you take shots using a screen overlay button, a button in the notification bar, by just shaking your device, or by simply using a widget. How cool is that? I know that I’ve made you at least a bit curious, right?

Besides that, the app that I am telling you about also comes with some great post-shot options. You can choose to crop your screenshots, convert them to a ZIP file, to edit the colors, as well as to include time and date stamps. You can save images in either PNG or JPG format. Then, you can use the subfolders option to categorize your screen captures to, for example, to prevent Instagram screenshots mixing with other captures.

So, as long as you can create separate folders for your favorite apps, game videos, crazy photos from parties or impressive landscapes, using a file manager is no longer required. Screenshot Easy got you covered in that too! And to make it even more attractive, I just want to add that Screenshot Easy has recording capabilities, including support for scrolling screenshots, so I am sure that you get my point!

There is no better option out there! If you want to try it out, then Screenshot Easy can be grabbed from Google Play right away.

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