Easily Fix your Damaged / Bricked Android device

Like most new Android users you downloaded a lot of apps, you eventually rooted your smartphone / tablet and installed powerful apps and a custom ROM. Then something went wrong and your device became useless. Sounds familiar? Yes, it is all about „bricking” Android device or damaging your Android Operating System. The cause can be file corruption, installation of some tricky apps or the Android smartphone. You can first perform a hard reset from the System Start menu – hold Volume Down, Home or another button while turning on your device. After applying this method the phone has the settings from factory.

Most devices “brick” when they suffer a hardware abuse – falling hard, getting dropped, a custom ROM is incompatible with the device type, Google apps vanish after a custom ROM is installed, custom ROM does not match with the installed kernel, some error from the full data wipe / factory reset / cache wipe after flashing with a custom ROM.
It is good to know that there isn’t a universal method to debug / troubleshoot your Android smartphone / tablet. There are lots of methods.

Fix bricked Android device

Fix bricked Android device

How to hard reset your Android Device:

  1. Power off your handset.
  2. Press and hold your phone’s Volume Down button, then press the “Power button or hold down the “Home” key while pressing the “Power” button.
  3. Press Volume Down button and scroll down to the “Clear Storage” or “Factory Reset”.
  4. Press “Power” or “OK”.
  5. Press Volume Up and wait for the reset process to finish.
  6. Restart device.

You can also unbrick your Android device with one click, by downloading OneClick Unbrick app.

How to fix Android OS with a boot loop issue:

First, after installing a new ROM over an existing one without first deleting the files associated with the previous ROM your handset enters in a boot loop. The only solution is to format the Cache Partition in recovery mode.

  1. Shut down / turn off your phone.
  2. Boot into Recovery mode – hold down the volume down button and then press the power button does it.
  3. Use volume keys to navigate the menus, and power button to select the menu items.
  4. Scroll down to “Advanced”.
  5. Choose “Wipe Dalvik Cache” option.
  6. Return to the main screen.
  7. Choose “Wipe Cache Partition”.
  8. Choose “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” to delete all your settings and apps, using the correct ROM.
  9. Reboot your device.

How to fix freeze issue during boot:

If your handset gets stuck in a boot loop, you are having a problem. But, luckily for you, this problem can be resolved quickly. All you have to do is to follow the steps from above – from the section “How to fix Android OS with a boot loop issue”.

How to fix “boot into recovery mode” each time your device is on:

  1. Format a memory card using a FAT32 system.
  2. Copy a new ROM onto the memory card.
  3. Insert the memory card back into damaged Android smartphone / tablet.
  4. Boot into recovery mode.
  5. Go to Mounts and Storage.
  6. Choose Mount SD Card.
  7. Choose the ZIP file from the SD memory card.
  8. Select Install option and hit Yes.
  9. If this method fails, unroot device and install stock ROM.

How to flash bricked Android device using Odin:

  1. Download the stock firmware of your phone.
  2. Download Odin from your favorite source.
  3. Extract odin.zip.
  4. Load Download Mode ( Volume Up key + Home key + Power key ).
  5. Connect USB cable to your PC.
  6. Remove and reinsert the device battery.
  7. Hold down Volume Up and Volume Down keys.
  8. Insert USB cable into your device.
  9. Click Start in Odin.
  10. Run Odin.exe.
  11. Check “auto-reboot”-uncheck all options.
  12. Click PDA and select the TAR you downloaded.
  13. Tap device button and choose the file named “MODEM”-if the file is missing ignore.
  14. Hit CSC button and choose the file named “CSC”-ignore if absent.
  15. Hit PIT button and choose the .pit file.
  16. Enable Auto Reboot and Reset Time options in ODIN.
  17. Choose the files to be flashed or installed on your device.
  18. Hit Start in ODIN.
  19. The handset auto reboots. Done.
  20. Learn how to use Odin for other operations by using our dedicated step by step guide from here.


In addition to what we have talked during this step by step tutorial you might also need to use:

If your Android device is still bricked, that means that the hardware is damaged and you have to repair it or to buy a new one.

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39 Responses

  1. John Michaels says:

    after factory data reboot this appearsd on the moto g screen and it blocked me
    !Unfortunately,the process com.android.systemuihas stopped.OK

  2. Himanshu Panchal says:

    First of, i would like to appreciate your blog about “easy fix your damaged android phone/tablet”. It contains almost each and every way to fix a damaged android device though i would like to correct your point in How to flash bricked android device using ODIN.The way to enter in the download mode is “Volume down” instead of “Volume up”! otherwise the remaining procedure is correct! Keep up the Good Work :)!!

  3. than soe oo says:

    Hi, I have a damaged android phone. I can’t go to the recover mode, There is only factory test. I cannot find the firmware of my phone X918 .Is there any way to fix my problem?

  4. Shahrul says:

    SHUT down / turn off your phone.Boot into Recovery mode – hold down the volume down button and then press the power button does it.Use volume keys to navigate the menus, and power button to select the menu items.Scroll down to “Advanced”.Choose “Wipe Dalvik Cache” option.Return to the main screen.Choose “Wipe Cache Partition”.Choose “Wipe Data / Factory Reset” to delete all your settings and apps, using the correct ROM.Reboot your device.

    My Samsung Galaxy Note is stucked at the Samsung logo(boot loop)…and I went into the Recovery Mode but I didn’t see the “Advanced” option…can somebody tell me why????

    Hello guys,I have problem that I can’t solved…and the problem is..

    I downloaded Rom Toolbox long ago,and last time I didn’t knew about BootAnimations and all the root sources…

    And yesterday I tried to use the Font Installer in the Rom Toolbox itself..and I pick my font and it asked to reboot(so that changes will be applied) so I rebooted…after a while I rebooted,I waited about 5 minutes when it rebooted and booted..and it was STUCKED AT THE SAMSUNG LOGO,flashing…UNTIL TODAY,I tried TAKING OUT THE BATTERY,WIPING CACHE PARTITION and WIPING DATA/FACTORY RESET and I on my Galaxy Note,it is still STUCKED AT THE SAMSUNG LOGO FLASHING…did I just bricked my device or what?If my DEVICE is bricked,I totally blame Rom Toolbox for this..WHAT am I SUPPOSED TO DO XDA????I’M VERY SAD…

    I want to play my GBA(GAMEBOY ADVANCE) EMULATOR ON MY GALAXY NOTEEEE,but this problem F*CK ME up!


  5. Zedric says:

    help pls like sharul said my younger brother’s samsung galaxy note doesnt have an advanced option ,dis boot loop happened when my younger brother played a new downloaded app from google play store called “hello hero” he said it began getting hot and suddenly froze and a he heard a sharp noise he said and it shut off it self the device so he turned it on and began seeing the bootloop ,it didnt work so he gave it to me pls help and reply as soon as possible thnx

  6. Alec says:

    help please i rename android.policy.odex to android.policy.odex.bak and then got bootloop. i tried to wipe cache and factory reset but it doesnt work please help !! reply asap!! :(((

  7. Alec says:

    help please i rename android.policy.odex to android.policy.odex.bak and then got bootloop. i tried to wipe cache and factory reset but it doesnt work please help !! reply asap!! :((( my phone is alcatel one touch pop c7

  8. Jess says:

    My rooted Samsung Galaxy Win/Quattro gets stuck in Recovery Mode after I tried to flash a custom rom. I tried to wipe cashe/factory reset/partition but nothing happens.

  9. Ernest K Quansah says:

    My rooted Samsung Galaxy tab 2 will not turn on after a boot loop. I have tried everything (holding power button or holding power for vol up or down, trickle charging) I don’t understand why this is happening since the tablet was a 80% charge 2 minutes from when the boot loop began. Can anyone help me?

  10. Dennis Peterson says:

    rooted lg motion phone tried hard reset didnt work stays on lg logo upon turn on im new to computers need easiest way to fix my brick please

  11. devil says:

    thanks dear itz work

  12. Kenji97 says:

    I have a ln Advantech a7 and I tried your method but its still stuck on the boot screen,what can I do to fix??

  13. Guruprasad C V says:

    Hi Frds.. I am using samsung galaxy guattro now every
    time its showing like warning like this.
    PDA: 18552xxanji .
    Phone I8552DDANG1
    CSC: I8552ODDANG1
    RF cal date: 2013.12.06
    SMD: 01N PBA: 04N, cal: 07N final 1N
    UN: CK70184BA8C6F7BO
    Rear CAM
    TSP: ME000053 ME 000053
    TSK: NA NA

    How to solve this Pl any of you guide me

  14. Md.Niajul Hasan says:

    Hi , i have a samsung i9220 Chinese version. some days ago it dropped from my hand and from then i am facing a problem. My phone doing work automatically like touch works automatically , it taped itself. How do i solve this problem? Plz anyone help.

  15. Toni Smith says:

    What if I can’t get to any of the repair options by pressing the volume, home and on buttons. I can only get to a samsung screen when I turn the phone on.

  16. Shieyna says:

    Not compitable with my huawei honor 4c. Help!

  17. Ulysses Española says:

    i can’t even go to Recovery mode . it stock at android with exclamation mark , no settings went out . help please :( I badly replace it’s framework-res.apk :3

  18. sandeep jaiswal says:

    nothing is working even download mode or recovery mode……
    the main reason is my galaxy ace 3 was running on unofficial custom rom….when I try to reboot it unfortunately its battery fell out from my device and now its not turning on in any cost… plz somebody help me…

  19. nishant says:

    i have an asus zenfone 4 i delete my all android built in apps ….. and now it just start and showing a clock only no and button or touch is working what should i do…… plzz reply

  20. Brother Rana says:

    There is only one way find his stock rom.nd now u facing touch problem u loose touch calibration file

  21. Humayun says:

    I have qmobile i5i. Its software has been dameged and it start showing NORE and then again start. Its not going more then this.
    Plz help me about this problem. That how can I install again softare in my mobile. And what I want to download to repair this problem

  22. Malindu Pabasara says:

    i have a note 2 korean version.recently i flashed stock rom using odin and accidently i put rom file into boot loader and clicked start.since that when i turn off my phone it shows charging icon and suddenly disapear and then again it happens.please help me

  23. Shubhodeep Choudhary says:

    My phone memory damaged but right now I can do works on my phone I I guess if I will off it it will not boot and even will not go on recovery mode. Pls help me

  24. gediminas says:

    none of this works for me because i put the recovery file into my tablet memory not in to my sd card now its trying to delete all files and the recovery file is in my internal storge and its no leting to delete

  25. lloyd kenneth calapan says:

    My phone still can boot but the thing is the internal phone memory is damaged and can’t be accessed. There’s no sd card slot for me to use. I can still use the phone but can’t store any more data aside from the 2 gb partition that’s left of which I think is the intended ram. The phone was rooted already. For some reason, I restarted the phone and boom, no more storage. Can’t be detected by the pc as well. My phone is Oplus Imagine. Please help.

  26. flash_cry says:

    my panasonic takes like forever to start and when i feel it will, IT DOES’NT!

  27. Brian Bonner says:

    I tried to root my Samsung galaxy core prime with odin and now i cannot normal boot, boots to download mode. I can/did go to the boot menu tried everything there no go, the computer no longer recognizes the phone; any suggestions?

  28. Dipak Khedkar says:

    I have bricked galaxy star pro.I can’t go in recovery, download mode.Also I can’t turn on.please help me to unbrick mobile.

  29. Same problem here with my samsung galaxy Tab 2. Any idea?

  30. R4kT says:

    I didn’t root my Allview AX4 Nano. I downloaded on it a modified version of a certain game. It worked for about two days. Once, it got completely stuck and I restarted it. It worked. Then, it got stuck again. I was like “okay, I’ll restart again.” It never did. Since it’s a tablet the home button is on-screen, and I can’t get to that resetting screen. I only have the volume and power buttons there and they’re not doing anything. I have no idea what I should do.

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