Solve Some Galaxy S8 Annoying Bixby Problems

There are plenty of things that we love about our shiny Galaxy S8. Some love its looks, while others can’t get enough of its features. As for Bixby, it seems that Samsung’s new virtual assistant was supposed to surprise us all. Bixby can be activated by voice or by touching an activation button and you all know that Samsung is actually very proud of its button. However, not all users are satisfied and are looking for some ways to Solve Some Galaxy S8 Annoying Bixby Problems.

I have no reason to deny that Bixby’s image recognition ability appears to be pretty incredible. It’s true that with a quick button press Bixby opens the camera and asks to be pointed at whatever needs identifying. Besides acting as a kind of universal translator for all those looking for answers, Bixby can also search for things via photo, therefore I believe that it delivers any requested information via a much more attractive card than the display that pop up when using Assistant.

This isn’t the source of the problem, but other is. Bixby seems to run fine the first time you fire it up but starts crashing once it has gathered some information. For example, Bixby shows you the last photo you have taken so you can quickly share it with others, but what good can this be as long as the assistant starts crashing right after you took a picture using the camera?

Restarting the Galaxy S8 device is a basic tip that can magically solve numerous issues including this one, yet is not a permanent fix as long as you have high chances to end up in the very same place sooner or later.

Another simple solution for people who can’t get Bixby to launch with the button is to tap on the Bixby button very quickly, and the digital assistant should launch on the Galaxy S8 every time. One possible explanation to this solution is that pressing down a long time on the button was designed to launch a different action that is not yet available on the phone.

As a result, if you want to try out Bixby, you can do that for a long time and never experience a problem or it might start crashing on your device repeated times.

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