How to Manually Back Up Pictures and Videos

You never know when you might accidentally delete something valuable from your Android phone. Accidents do happen, no matter how much attention you might try to pay. Backing up your data therefore is absolutely essential, and I’m sure many of you have learned the hard way. And I am not talking about losing your phone.

Maybe you dropped your phone in the street. And that case was the end of it. Literally. It’s not a nice memory, but I’ve been there, done that, so I know how it feels. Performing updates could also cause your data to be lost. No, things should not happen this way, but exceptions to the rule are there.

And you know how things go these days. Smartphones may be one, but you can have more than one user to manage your data! Certain applications allow you to have multi user so you can manage data with different ways. I bet that you’ve heard about them too. And there are also plenty of apps very fast in backing many applications at once, that let you schedule multiple automatic backups, enjoy Cloud backup support or direct backup to your computer over the Internet.

Are all these too much for you? Then, return to the basic and you can’t go wrong. For your other important data, you can back up your smartphone to your computer manually. And be sure that here I am to guide you:

How to Manually Back Up Pictures and Videos:

  1. Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable;
  2. At that point, it will show up as an external hard drive;
  3. For Macs, you may need to first download a tool called Android File Transfer;
  4. Select the disk;
  5. Then, navigate to the DCIM folder. This folder contains your video and picture data, so you’re in the right place;
  6. Select the data files that you want to back up;
  7. Drag them to an area on your computer, such as your desktop. The selected files will copy over to your computer in no time.

This is a pretty handy thing to do even if you have other backup solutions at hand. There’s no better thing than playing safe, right?

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