Be careful about Galaxy S8 Face Recognition Abilities

Your Galaxy S8 comes with various biometric authentication options, yet there is nothing new about that. You get a fingerprint reader, iris recognition, as well as face recognition. Therefore, it is up to you to you to enable the facial recognition feature that gives you the option of unlocking your device just by looking at it.

Face recognition on the Galaxy S8 is pretty easy to set up and it works well under low to moderate lighting. Even though these are tempting advantages, you should also keep in mind that this is the least recommended option of the bunch, as the face recognition doesn’t work in bright sunlight and in the dark. And, unlike iris scanning, face recognition doesn’t support Samsung Pay, not to mention how easy is can be fooled.

Speaking of that, YouTuber MarcianoPhone reveals that you can unlock the device using just a photo of the person that enabled the feature and a little patience.

Just take a look here and you will see that the device was easily unlocked, even if we are talking about multiple tries.

While the video makes a joke of the face-unlock feature and I don’t like that, there is something that I must admit from the start. The truth is that this flaw could be a major problem, so you should better use the fingerprint scanner, despite of the fact that it is so awkwardly positioned, just for your own sake.

After all, Face recognition is meant to be just a more convenient way to unlock the Galaxy S8. Therefore, you’re going to need to accept its role. And even Samsung declared that the face recognition is simply an alternative option to the fingerprint sensor, and they acknowledge it’s nowhere as secure as using the fingerprint sensor or the iris scanner as a form of security.

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