How to Fix LTE Not Working Problem on OnePlus One

All major Android software releases bring a few post-release issues and the CyanogenMod OS 12.1 is no exception to that. The latest one that has let the OnePlus One owners down is the LTE problem.

Otherwise, the CM 12.1 update with build version Android 5.1.1 YOG4PAS1NO is much better than the COS12, is quite fast and fluid, it offers an improved responsiveness and a better general performance, but what to do about the LTE not working issue?

Is there any solution that you should know about? Should you even take in consideration this update?

With the LTE non-functionality being the only problem that people complained about, the users of OnePlus one should enjoy the update, but not before following these simple steps in order to put their LTE speed on the right track again.

Learn How to Fix LTE Not Working Problem on OnePlus One:

First of all, apply this procedure:

  1. Enter into settings;
  2. Go to, Mobile network;
  3. Now, tap to restore defaults;
  4. The list should show you APN’s, so choose the correct APN;
  5. Now, go to Settings, then Mobile Networks and tap, Network operators, and then click choose automatically;
  6. Toggle Airplane mode on and off. Ensure that you are connected WiFi;
  7. Restart the device;
  8. Go to Phone Dialer;
  9. You have to dial *#*#4636#*#* to choose phone information;
  10. Set the Preferred Network Type to LTE/GSM auto (PRL);
  11. Turn off the radio and turn it on again;
  12. Go to the SMSC and click Refresh>> Update.

If the procedure wasn’t helpful, be sure of the fact that I have a few more tips or you:

  • If Quick toggles are missing even when enabled, don’t hesitate to re-add the Quick toggles;
  • If your compass is not working or showing you incorrect readings, you have to calibrate your compass by rotating the phone;
  • Sometimes even with data signal and correct APN setting you just get emergency calls as an option in quick toggles. To correct this problem, you have to go to Settings and then, tap mobile networks. Up next, tap Mobile operators and make sure you are connected by Wi-Fi. Now opt for automatic;
  • At the end, don’t forget to restart your precious phone.

That’s not all that you can do on your deice. Also read and apply these guides:

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