Be Responsible when it comes to Alcohol with Android WiseDrinking

Have you ever heard about an Android app known as WiseDrinking? In case of being a student, it’s obviously that you must have as much fun as possible, but be careful.

This has nothing to do with becoming irresponsible when it comes to alcohol. Do you think that you or one of your friends might have a problem at this chapter? Then, the responsible-drinking app WiseDrinking might be what you are looking for.

So, WiseDrinking is nothing else than an Android app operated by Pernod Ricard which encourages responsible drinking in all situations. Results are given for indicative purposes only, but don’t hesitate to find out more!

First of all, the charts show you how much you’ve been drinking, they offer you suggestions of moderation and let you know when it’s the best time to stop drinking as long as you have already reached your limit. What should you do in such a case? Feel free to call a cab and go home or use the app to provide your location in relation to public transport services.

How can you be sure of the fact that the app calculates everything right? Well, don’t worry about this any longer.
Using inputs of gender, as well as weight and height, this amazing app calculates blood alcohol content (BAC) levels by taking in consideration the amount, type and timing of all alcohol consumed and when the user’s last meal was.

Despite of the fact that the app is dependent on user input, so keep in mind from the start the fact that it should only be used as a guideline, I think that it can be more than useful in various cases. WiseDrinking can help you stay aware of your consumption and become the perfect guide when you need it the most, so don’t hesitate to take it from here right away!

And let me assure you of the fact that more student apps are waiting for you; here are some examples:

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