ViaProtect Android App For Tracking Which Ad Companies Receive Your Data

With the increasing rate of new Android apps that are uploaded into the market each day, we might assume that our personal data is transferred from one ad company to another. In this respect, no one can state that his Android device is completely safe from any threat, but we may have the possibility to increase the level of security. With ViaProtect, users will be able to find when the data from their phone is being transferred to.

This simple yet effective piece of software allows users to see how much of their traffic is encrypted, as well as other interesting security-related information. As a matter of fact, the data is routed to various servers all around the world through various apps that are originally meant for something else.

The security risk is actually higher in the case where the data of your device is routed with any encryption to other servers. ViaProtect, created by ViaForensics tries to provide at least a small insight on the where the data from your smartphones or tablets is being transferred to.

Despite what some of you might think, the app is not that sophisticated as it might appear. It is in fact a security analyzer, which gives a basic idea of which ad companies receive your personal data, what percent of our data is encrypted and many other interesting details. In the same time, as a bonus, the app alerts about malicious app behavior in real-time.

Basically, the app gathers mobile forensic, system, network, security, and sensor data from various smart devices and then uses a statistical analysis and risk indicators in order to detect suspicious events or behavior. Just to be clear, the application monitors real-time app activities and predicts potential risk or security problems while continuously checking for malicious apps.

Mobile Sensor Technology

The application uses on-device mobile sensors in order to provide users with a deep level of visibility into their own mobile systems. Users are able to manage which sensor artifacts are collected for the data analysis.

Real-Time Monitoring

Running Apps and on-device risk scores are updated in real time. Moreover, they are aggregated into an enterprise-defined dashboard. Users will be alerted when a malicious app is trying to access some personal data. In the same time, insecure apps will also be taken into consideration.

Dynamic Data Analytics

Starting with standard apps installed via Wi-Fi, networks connections and ending with apk tampering, ViaProtect gathers sensor artifacts and uses big data to calculate risk scores for your own devices.

Customized Dashboard

As I mentioned earlier, ViaProtect displays data into an enterprise-defined dashboard. Dynamic data is provided for users in a simple and easy-to-read manner, through a customized dashboard for the respective mobile devices. The enterprise-level dashboard displays risk scores, detailed network data, customized reports, as well as other useful information.

Positive Points

  • In the first part, what I know for sure that it would bring joy to many users is the fact that this app is free of charge. In this way, all of you who are interested can easily download it and try it out.
  • In what concerns its weight, ViaProtect is actually a lightweight application, so you do not have to worry to crowd your device with a demanding application.
  • With ViaProtect, users will learn how their phones and tablets are sending personal data to ad companies, and this includes the data that is sent insecurely.

Negative Points

  • Perhaps the only negative point is the fact that the application does not provide an alternative for actually solve this problem. In the same time, ViaProtect does not give any information of which apps send data to which particular company.

If you are willing to try it out, and see which apps send personal data to various ad companies all over the world, you are free to check the Google’s Play store in order to download ViaProtect. As it was mentioned above, the application is free of charge; therefore, you can give it a try. It will not cost you anything. In the same time, if you happen to find something interesting in what concerns this amazing application, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section bellow.

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