Download Samsung Experience 10 Launcher APK on your Galaxy S9 Device

We have just discovered an early build of Samsung Experience 10 based on Android Pie and the truth is that this one comes with a controversial redesign once again. Some love it, while others don’t, but there’s a small issue even when it comes to those who are dying to grab their hands on it. Although you can install the build now if you own either a Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S9 right, installing beta software builds might not be your first choice.

Therefore, I have another alternative for you to take in consideration. Well, take baby steps and for the start, only download the Samsung Experience 10 Launcher APK on your Galaxy S9 device. Like that, you’ll have your chance to decide if it is or not for you.

The Samsung Experience 10 Launcher has slightly larger icons in the app drawer as well as within the folders in the app drawer. Besides that, the animation and transition both feel a little bit smoother in the last version we are talking about, but I like how things are much better this way. And for those of you who use Bixby, launching it is a tad bit faster as compared to Samsung Experience 9.5 Launcher.

Note: before starting the procedure here described, you have to enable Unknown Sources in Settings. This can be found in the Settings > Security section of your phone. And as a warning, the notification dots for applications will not show up, no matter what you might do!

Detailed procedure:

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to download the Samsung Experience 10 Launcher APK on your laptop or computer;
  2. Then, you have to copy the Launcher APK to your device;
  3. Open a file manager of your choice;
  4. Up next, you have to navigate to the folder where you have copied the APK file;
  5. Simply tap on it to install it and you are pretty much good to go! Congrats! That was all for this time!

Need more help with this procedure? Just drop your comment below!

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