Enjoy New Release Radio on Galaxy S8+

With the launch of Galaxy S8+, Samsung announced that Google’s music app will become the preferred music player on Samsung mobile devices and I have nothing to complain about. Play Music was also the default music playback app on the Galaxy S7, a result of this popular Korean manufacturer doing its best to cut down on duplicate apps that clashed with Google’s services on Android.

Speaking of that, do you remember that Google revealed that Play Music will support Bixby — Samsung’s smartphone assistant — once support for voice commands is actually ready to roll out? And besides that, the company has also promised to deliver other “special features in Google Play Music just for Samsung customers” and we are getting them already.

Users have received some extra benefits such as the chance to upload 100,000 songs to their virtual locker instead of the usual 50,000, not to mention that they become eligible for a free three-month trial of Play Music All Access. However, for all other Play Music listeners, the limit remains 50,000 and when it comes to that three-month trial, it seems that other consumers who’ve purchased Google’s own Pixel smartphone and other select Android devices can enjoy it too. Well, those free months are only available to new subscribers and not existing customers, but it’s still a plus.

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And now we are getting even more – I am talking about an exclusive feature called New Release Radio and I want to tell you from the start the fact that the songs are personalized to your tastes based on your listening history, so you will get access to the new tracks to that you like in no time.

Some might say that they were expecting for more, yet its personalization and the fact that it is updated on a daily basis to ensure that you’ve always got something new to listen to makes me love it this way. What do you think of this new feature; does it make any difference or not?

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