Enjoy exclusive Play Music feature on your Galaxy S8

Like most Android device makers, Samsung has always had its custom music player on its phones. However, that’s changing with the Galaxy S8 model as both Google and Samsung have teamed up to make Play Music the default player on all Samsung devices going forward and this comes with some advantages that I am sure that you will appreciate.

Samsung Galaxy S8 owners who are enjoying Google’s Play Music streaming service have already pointed out a new feature rolling out to the app. This is an exclusive feature within the Play Music app reserved just for Samsung device owners and it comes as no surprise. I actually remember that back in April, Google announced its alliance with Samsung to give Galaxy S8 users who use Play Music, which is the default audio player on the handsets, a couple of extra benefits and this is exactly what is happening.

Initially, the partnership allowed Samsung phone and tablet owners to upload 100,000 of their own songs to Play Music for free, twice the usual amount, and gave customers a three month free trial to the music streaming service. At this point, it seems that Samsung customers can make use of the New Release Radio feature too.

This one comes as a personalized mix of the latest songs. You can see it as a radio station that offers up the latest new releases and is actually updated on a daily basis to ensure that you always have something fresh to listen to.

I must tell you from the start the fact that the songs are personalized to your tastes based on your listening history, so you won’t have to spend your time digging through new tracks to find something that you like.

All these work in your favor, right? And besides that, Play Music is getting tons of visibility and appreciation as long as it has its special places on the best devices from Samsung which is the most successful Android manufacturer. Don’t you agree?

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