Enjoy Android P Developer Preview 1 on Eligible Devices

It arrived a bit earlier than expected, but I see no person complaining about that. Quite the opposite, the first Android P developer preview is available for Pixel phones and it’s a huge deal and owners all over the world are more excited than ever, even if there is no final name for Android P in sight. Well, the release of Developer Preview 1 shows that it has quite a few features in store for Android users.

If you want to know more about Android P and the eligible devices, along with the detailed installation process, this is the guide for you. Android P will officially be supported on Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, as well as Pixel 2 XL. The software can also be installed on Android Emulator, but note that there isn’t a simple OTA programme that you can enter.

Well, developers will have to flash system images manually on their devices. But it is worthy of such a trouble as long as Android P comes with Notch + Multi-camera support, it prevents inactive apps from accessing mic and camera as a security measure, an improved notification panel especially for messaging apps, along with several design changes in Android P and much more.

Getting ready:

  • The handset must be connected to the computer via the original USB; don’t forget to prepare it;
  • The procedure here described wipes out data from the device, so creating a backup is a must;
  • You should better make sure that your phone has enough battery, so plug in the charger before it is too late. If the procedure is interrupted in any way, you may risk bricking your phone and void any warranties.

If you’re new to Android, I cannot encourage you to follow such a procedure. There’s always a high risk involved and it is yours to assume, not mine. You are and will always be the only one responsible for what might happen to your device.

Google has provided system image links for Pixel handsets and has given extensive flashing instructions for the process. In order to enjoy Android P Developer Preview 1 on eligible devices, you must simply download the system image below that matches your device and then, just flash the image onto your device:

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