Enjoy Ad-Free YouTube Even without Xposed

Do you want to enjoy an Ad-Free YouTube Even without Xposed? Let me tell you that developer Arter97 has done exactly that. He modified the stock YouTube app to show no ads, which is what Xposed used to do. And now, it means that you don’t even need Xposed any longer. As you know, this can’t installed in some mobiles as you can’t flash custom recovery because of locked bootloaders.

Many complained about the very same issue and tried modifying the Youtube Apk and developer Arter97 actually found a solution for disabling ads on YouTube.

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For the procedure to work, a rooted Android phone is a must, as well as DPI checker, the Youtube apk by Arter97 and Root Browser.

How to Enjoy Ad-Free YouTube Even without Xposed:

  1. For the start, you need to know your device DPI and processor type. For that, install DPI Checker and Device control to know Processor Type;
  2. Take the appropriate Youtube Apk File according to your DPI and processor:
  3. ARM 32 Devices (all ARM devices except arm64)
    ARM 64 devices
    x86 Devices
  4. Uninstall any old Youtube App using system App remover or Titanium Backup App or else you can’t install the modded app because of different app signatures;
  5. You have to create a new Youtube folder in the system partition. Do not hesitate to open any Root file browser and head to System > App in order to create that folder. You should name it as “YouTube” to make things easier;
  6. After that, you must long press on the folder and click on Properties > Permissions, then Set the Owner category to read, write and Execute, then Set Group;
  7. You must copy the Modded Youtube to system App > YouTube (youtube folder which you created);
  8. In the end, just reboot your device.

Modded Youtube App will be automatically installed after reboot. Let me know if the procedure was a success or if you still need any help.

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