Easily Root LG V10 with SuperSU v2.56

Are you looking for an easy to apply method to root your new LG V10? The best way to do that is by using the new SuperSU release which brings the v2.56 of the software. Therefore, if you want to learn how to easily root your LG V10, this tutorial is exactly what you need.

However, before getting there, let me tell you such an operation comes with its own risks. You must be aware of the fact that rooting will void the warranty of your LG V10 and that you can brick it if you make any mistake while applying the steps from below.

In such a case, assume your responsibility and understand that you are the only one liable for your LG V10. However, when it comes to the warranty issue, I might be able to help you as long as here you can find a guide on how to restore the warranty of your Android device after completing custom procedures, such as ensuring root access.

Before starting the unlock operation, you also have a set of preparatory steps that you cannot skip if you want to keep your LG V10 safe and secured. To be more precise, one of the most important things is to back up your precious data by using a third-party application from the Google Play Store or any other option at your choice, to be sure that you’ll have no problems.

Then, if your device’s drivers are not installed on your computer, rooting becomes impossible. That is why I advise you to do that, just as you have to deactivate the security programs and tools as they tend to interrupt the operation and you don’t want that to happen. Don’t worry, this solution is a temporary one and you can easily activate them after the rooting process finishes.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to enable the USB debugging option, so access Menu – Settings – Developer options. If Developer Options is nowhere to be found, go to Menu – Settings – About phone and tap several times on Built Number. As for the battery status of your LG V10, it is essential to complete this operation. If your phone will get turned off during the root process, it might get damaged or bricked, so plug in the charger if the power left is currently lower than 60%.

How to Root your LG V10 with SuperSU v2.56:

  1. Here you can find the SuperSU package which must be taken into your computer;
  2. Next, connect your smartphone with your computer by using the USB cord;
  3. It’s time to move the root exploit from your computer to your device;
  4. Then, unplug the USB cable;
  5. Turn off your LG V10;
  6. Enter recovery mode on it;
  7. From recovery, you have to select the “Install” option;
  8. Choose the SuperSU package;
  9. Resume the flashing procedure and wait while your LG V10 is being rooted;
  10. At the end, tap Reboot system button to restart the device.

As you know, Android rooting is a modification process to the original system, so all the ususal limitations are removed and full-access is allowed. This is your chance to replace system applications and settings, to make the changes that you want, to enjoy a custom ROM or to run specialized apps, so have fun!

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