How to Install TWRP Recovery (new release) on Sony Xperia Z

Installing the new TWRP recovery software on your Sony Xperia Z is not a difficult task, but if you still have questions or doubts, be sure of the fact that I am here to help you all the way.

First of all, flashing a custom recovery image is an unofficial operation, so after completing thisTWRP recovery step by step guide you won’t be able to use your Xperia Z warranty. And if you make any mistake, you risk bricking the device.

At the same time, note that you can use the TWRP recovery for completing amazing custom operations such as: adding a custom kernel, updating with a custom ROM, making a Nandroid backup for saving the firmware that runs on your Sony Xperia Z, overclocking the CPU, removing bloatware and not only, so many think that this is worthy of such a risk. Do you think that too? Then, let me remind you that a set of preparatory steps is waiting for you.

To be more precise, you need a complete backup of all the important data from your smartphone. If something goes wrong and if your device’s data gets lost, you can use this backup to restore it right away and solve the issue.

On your Sony Xperia Z phone, you must also go into Settings -> About device and find the Build Number and tap on it 7 times to enable developer settings. Press back and go into Developer Options in order to enable USB debugging.

You will need the proper drivers installed on your computer and no less important, you must also deactivate the security protection that might interfere with the procedure or you risk being unsuccessful, just as you have to properly charge the device.

How to Install TWRP Recovery on Sony Xperia Z:

  1. For the beginning, my advice is to download the TWRP recovery file on your computer by using this direct link;
  2. Unzip the TWRP recovery package on desktop;
  3. Enter into the folder;
  4. From there, you have to open a command prompt window, so press and hold Shift keyboard key while right clicking on any blank space;
  5. Turn off your Sony phone;
  6. Enter it into fastboot mode;
  7. Then, connect your Xperia device with your PC with the help of the USB cable.
  8. Now, in the cmd window type: “fastboot devices” in order to check if your phone has been recognized by the computer;
  9. If there is a problem, reinstall its USB drivers;
  10. In the same cmd window you have to type “fastboot flash boot boot.img”;
  11. Wait while TWRP recovery will be automatically flashed on your Sony Xperia Z;
  12. Unplug the USB cable;
  13. All you have to do now is to reboot your smartphone.

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