Gain Root Access on HTC Desire C

Manufacturers are doing their best when it comes in convincing you not to root your HTC Desire C Android devices. You know that such an unlock operation is an unofficial one that has nothing to do with Google or with HTC and this means that it will void the warranty of your smartphone.

With the warranty lost, you can no longer enjoy the privilege of taking your phone back to service without paying for the technical assistance, not to mention that any mistake, as harmless as it might seem, could lead to bricking your Desire C.

Despite of all these, the benefits of root are simply impressive. With root ensured on your Desire C, you can get rid of any restrictions that HTC or the carrier has applied. I am talking about replacing the firmware, getting rid of bloatware, running more apps at your choice, overclocking or underclocking your processor and so on.

However, in order to let the root fun begin, there are some aspects to take care of, right before the actual rooting tutorial. First of all, take a backup of your precious data, just or the case that something might go wrong. I am referring to your texts, images, videos, contacts, IMEI / NVRAM data, call logs, songs, apps that you might need afterwards.

You must also prepare your computer, so uninstall or deactivate all the running antivirus applications as they usually tend to disrupt or slow down the rooting procedure and verify that you have downloaded the appropriate HTC Desire C USB drivers and installed them in your PC.

Ensure that your handset is properly charged or it might turn off in the middle of the operation and do not forget to enable USB debugging option on your phone. Only by doing that you can properly establish a connection between your phone and the computer, so find your way to Menu > Settings > Application, go the section known as Developer Options and verify that the USB Debugging is enabled.

Let me just remind you that I cannot be considered responsible for any of your mistakes. That is why you have to proceed with caution and to follow the steps as they are given:

How to Gain Root Access on your HTC Desire C:

  1. Download the root exploit on your computer with the help of this direct link;
  2. Connect your Desire C with your computer via the USB cable (note that the original one is recommended);
  3. Now, you have to move the root file on your phone’s SD card;
  4. Then, disconnect the cord;
  5. Turn off your HTC Desire C right away;
  6. Enter recovery mode on your Android phone;
  7. From recovery, it’s time to select “Install”;
  8. Pick the root file that you have just transferred;
  9. When the process ends, you must go back to the main menu of recovery;
  10. From there, the last step of the operation is to select “reboot”.

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