How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Galaxy S5 is one of Samsung’s newest and most popular Android devices, so there is no surprise that we have also received a Galaxy S5 Mini version of it. In case of already being the owner of this device and thinking of rooting it, you probably already know that this procedure will open up several new possibilities for your smartphones.

We are saying that as long as a rooted device can be customized in an infinite number of ways such as installing a custom ROM, as well as new kernels, themes and animations, the ability to get rid of Samsung bloatware apps, the access to more advanced applications such as root call blockers or root memory managers, as well as to overclocking your device’s processor.

But don’t forget that rooting is a risky procedure, so before taking any action, you should check the guidelines from below:

Review the risks:

  • An unsuccessful rooting operation could lead to bricking your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini. Why do we call it like that? Simply because your phone becomes just as useful as a brick, so be careful about what you are doing. A simple mistake is more than enough for damaging your Android system or even your hardware and you are the only one to be blamed;
  • But don’t you imagine that a successful root doesn’t have its disadvantages as well: this operation will void your warranty. However, you can restore it by using this tutorial that we have prepared for you;
  • This root operation can be applied only on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini; if you apply it on any other handset, anything could happen;
  • You must read the entire post and make sure that you won’t skip any of the steps that are listed in the tutorial; moreover, do not blame us in case of bricking the phone or losing any data in the process. This is only your responsibility!

Preparatory steps:

  • Make a backup of your important data, so you can restore later all your contacts, apps, messages, images and so on in case of anything goes wrong;
  • You will have to connect this Samsung handset to the computer, so make sure that you have already installed the USB drivers or the procedure won’t work;
  • Disable the security protection that might interfere with the root operation;
  • Don’t forget to enable USB Debugging mode by going to Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging now;
  • Prepare your handset’s original USB cable; you are going to use it later;
  • Make sure your handset has at least 70% of battery or it can turn off during the rooting procedure.

Have you done all these? Now it’s time to begin the actual rooting procedure:

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini:

  1. In the first place, you must download the CF Auto Root zip file from here;
  2. Extract the zip contents and then save the CF Auto Root tar.md5 file on your computer;
  3. You must also download ODIN 3.09 from here;
  4. Now it’s time to extract the contents of this zip file and save them on your PC;
  5. Power off your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini;
  6. Boot the device in Android Download Mode;
  7. Launch the ODIN 3.09 exe on your PC;
  8. Use the original USB data cable and connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini phone with your PC;
  9. Wait for ODIN to detect the smartphone and then continue to the next step;
  10. If your device is not detected by ODIN, then you need to re-install the Samsung USB Drivers;
  11. Return to ODIN window and click the AP button;
  12. Load the CF Auto Root tar.md5 file and verify if the Re-Partition option is disabled; don’t change any other default settings of ODIN;
  13. Hit the Start button to begin the root process for your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini smartphone and don’t press any buttons until the root is achieved.
  14. After root is complete you will notice that you’re the handset has rebooted and that ODIN finally displays the ‘PASS’ alert;
  15. Now, you can enter your Google Account info and that was all!

You have completed the tutorial. Have you successfully rooted your Galaxy S5 Mini?

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6 Responses

  1. sebastian says:

    Buna ziua. Ai incercat ? esti sigura ca este aceasta procedura ? Pentru ca fisierul este pentru Samsung Galaxy S5 versiunea 3G…

  2. guest says:

    Watch out! the link above to the CF auto root file is for the S5, not the S5 mini. It does not work! My phone was bricked until I found out it was the wrong file. To fix it I had to find the right CF auto root file.

    • SamG777 says:

      Hello There, could you post the link to the correct CF auto root file for the S5 mini. I have been searching with no luck and I almost brick my phone by downloading the incorrect file.

      Thanks. Have a great day.


  3. Davii Mai says:

    I’ve tried two times and it didn’t work for my Samsung Galaxy S5 mini SM-G800F. I had to recover with Samsungs Kies software (Kies 3).

  4. Joanna says:

    Please don’t download this auto root file – it’s NOT for S5 mini it is for S5 I’ve almost bricked my phone trying to root it with this file, you can easily just search for the right auto root file :D

  5. Matze114 says:

    What a bummer, also my S5 mini is bricked now! I saw this thread too late … :-(
    What can I do now?
    Can someone help me???

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