Learn to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J5

Galaxy J is a highly anticipated Android-based smartphone series produced by Samsung and I must tell you that I am not at all surprised by its popularity. Since it is a part of a resourceful series available at a great price, Samsung Galaxy J5 sits in so many pockets that it is impossible to count.

However, do you know how to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J5? Taking screenshots is an important operation which can be completed by default on any Android based device. In fact, this is a feature pre-loaded on all the Android powered devices that are currently available on the market, so yours is no exception to that.

Whatever may the reason for capturing screen on Galaxy J smartphone, it always good to know how this feature works, so don’t waste any more time. In this post, I will let you know different ways to take a screenshot on your J5 smartphone.

Learn to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J5 via the Hardware Buttons:

This one is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J5 Just follow these quick steps to take one right now:

  1. First of all, you must go the screen on which you want to take screenshot;
  2. It’s time to press and hold the Power and Home buttons together;
  3. You will then see a animation and hear a feedback sound. This confirms that the screenshot is taken.

Learn to Take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J5 via Palm-Swipe Gesture:

This feature has been included in almost all of the latest Samsung TouchWiz phones and it is incredibly simple to use it:

  1. You must activate the gesture itself before you can actually use it. In order to do so, go into the Settings app and select the Motion menu;
  2. Then, from the Motion menu, find out Hand Motions;
  3. It’s time to check the Palm Swipe to capture check-box;
  4. Close the settings app and go to the screen which you want to capture;
  5. Shape your hand like a knife (your thumb facing up, of course) and swipe across the screen horizontally from either side, edge to edge. If you do it correctly, then be sure that a swipe animation will trigger and it will save the screenshot.

You can then access taken screenshot from the notification area if you have just taken screenshot or you have not cleared the notification area after taking the screenshot. Another possible way to access the taken screenshot is from the Gallery folder.

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