New Surprises from Yahoo Mail 5.4.3 on Android

I know that Yahoo Mail isn’t the most popular mail service these days and Gmail seems to be on top of Android users preferences, but this doesn’t mean that it is a part of the past and that no one uses it. Quite the opposite, it seems that Yahoo Mail has received a new update, adding the ability to find and attach a GIF from Tumblr to an email and even more, Yahoo Mail is also utilizing another popular property for searching for GIFs. Do you want to find out more? Then, keep on reading!

Besides adding GIFs to Yahoo Mail in this version, Yahoo has another surprise for us: I am referring to the ability to connect our Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. This way any user can access everything in either account and has the chance to attach them to the email. I am talking about the possibility to access and send documents, photos, and files stored in your cloud accounts in no time.

Do you think that this is all that you’ll get with Yahoo Mail 5.4.3? Wrong again! I know that you are excited about the chance to connect your Google Drive and Dropbox accounts, but Yahoo Mail  also lets you express yourself with an animated GIF and the app even has some updated widgets that you will love.

Now, they allow you to see your inbox from your home screen. This includes seeing the number of new messages in your inbox with a badged icon, as well as the most recent emails you have in your inbox and the ability to compose a new email. On Android, you can also delete drafts right away if you cancel a draft that you’re writing. And there are also no less than three widget options for Yahoo Mail, which can show your latest emails, offer an inbox count with a badged icon, or a quick compose button.

With these being said, Yahoo Mail may not be as popular as Gmail is right now, but it’s definitely doing its best to get there. There are big chances for that to happen, especially now with Yahoo being up for sale and with big companies such as Verizon, Google and more interested on the company.

It’s too early for a verdict, but until then, you can grab the Yahoo Mail update from the Google Play Store now. Use this direct link for that and let me know what you think of it.

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