Reduce stress with Welzen Android App

I want you know the fact that there is a daily service that delivers inspirational guided meditations five days a week right to your phone – this is possible via the Welzen app which is meant to reduce stress, experience less anxiety and sleep better in these days when it might seem that you don’t have time for yourself.

Every day, you have the opportunity to choose between a 5, 10, 15, or 20 minutes guided meditation which is especially designed to improve focus and creativity while also helping to strengthen relationships. And the surprises are always there – I am talking about the Daily Happiness! – a special feature which comes as a brand new 10-minute daily meditation with an important life lesson, S.O.S – which is perfect for those times when you need a familiar voice to calm you down, Kids Meditation App – if you think that your little ones also need to relax at a certain point, Meditation Programs – which comes with progressive mindfulness meditation practice with specific intentions and much, much more.

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The app is surprising and I have great news for you. Well, let me tell you the fact that for no more than $29.99, you can get a lifetime subscription to Welzen. With the help of this subscription, you can also choose between subject-specific meditations you can practice practically anywhere and let me tell you why you should not waste any more valuable time.

In normal conditions, you should remember the fact that a lifetime subscription to Welzen would cost up to $150, but this is a special deal from AC Digital Offers. Like that, you’ll save 80% and pay no more than $29.99. Aren’t you tempted by that? The choice is all yours!

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