How to Manually Put your Galaxy Apps to Sleep

The Samsung Galaxy S8 – along with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ model – is arguably the most eagerly awaited Android phone of the year and we cannot get enough of it. I am not only talking about that 5.8-inch near edge-to-edge display or amazing 12MP camera either, but the little features matter too. Galaxy S8 is one of Samsung’s most full featured Android device yet.

In fact, there are so many software features that it’s actually easy to get lost. If you’re curious to take advantage of everything your S8 has to offer, don’t hesitate to take a look at our guides and discover something new every day.

I bet that you don’t know them all. For example, do you know how to manually put your Galaxy Apps to sleep? With the release of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has introduced a nifty new function to help users improve battery life. Yes, you now have a special option to manually put your apps to sleep. I know that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 doesn’t have any major issues with battery life, at least not yet, but things will change in the next few months, I am sure of that.

And there are always a few settings you can adjust to prolong a single charge, as well as some features that you can use for the same purpose and this is one of them.

To be more precise, once an app is “asleep” it won’t run in the background, just as any push notifications will be paused and this means that more juice is left for your battery. When you go to use the app it will wake up, and you will once again receive notifications and updates.

To send an app to sleep, long-press on an app icon until a settings menu opens. Select “Sleep“, and when the second window opens, tap “OK.” This feature will thus enable you to put some of the apps that you rarely use to sleep just so they don’t keep draining the battery in the background, you just need to launch them again like you normally would for them to regain full functionality.

I don’t know about you, but this kind of feature makes me think of a battery optimization option that Samsung has offered in Marshmallow, which disabled apps from running in the background if they haven’t been used for three days. But this one sounds even better, doesn’t it?

You practically get more and more control over your Galaxy S8, so do let us know what you think about this feature by leaving a comment in the section from below or by suing the contact form.

At the same time, don’t forget to check out the rest of our detailed tutorials to find out all that’s new on Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones.

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