Express yourself with Galaxy S8+ Face Masks Feature

Galaxy S8 isn’t just a smartphone, but more than that, arguably the handset of 2017 which promises and delivers so much! The Samsung Galaxy S8+ is a hub of effects and settings which help users in getting the best photos ever. Samsung has even bundled in a face masks feature in the Galaxy S8 — not to be confused Snapchat filters, though they work almost identically.

You can use them with the front-facing camera on yourself, or the rear-facing camera with a friend and I am sure that you will feel amused by them. Just don’t be afraid to express yourself with the Galaxy S8+ Face Masks feature.

I think that selfie masks are so trendy these days that even Samsung figured they’d better build them directly into your handset’s camera app.

Express yourself with Galaxy S8+ Face Masks Feature:

  1. You can access these masks by opening the camera app;
  2. Then, it’s time to tap on the little cartoon bear hood;
  3. Just tap on the desired effect and when you find one you like, tap on the view finder and snap a photo like you normally do (works on both the rear and front facing camera);
  4. If you want to remove the mask as it is too much for you, just tap on the mask button again and then the remove effect button;
  5. However, I have to warn you about the fact that you can’t use them in tandem with the other effects, which means you can apply a filter on top of a filter. It’s one filter at a time, yet one is better than nothing, that’s for sure!

So, what do you say? Do you love to play with the insane Snapchat-like masks or they aren’t what you are looking for?

And remember that you can always you can also download extra filters and abilities for your Galaxy S8 camera from the Galaxy Apps store. Just keep on exploring and I am sure that you will end up surprised and amused.

Have fun!

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