Unlock your Galaxy S8 phone by using Iris Scanner > Preview screen mask

The S8 holds a treasure trove of amazing capabilities and features, some that have been presented a little less than others. Glancing at your phone as it sits on your desk to check the time or view pending alerts is your pride your joy, just as taking the best photos or testing its gaming abilities, yet don’t leave aside the Fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, as well as facial recognition abilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is filled with biometric security measures. There’s also the option of the traditional PIN, pattern or password unlock methods too, but you have probably seen that Galaxy S8’s fingerprint scanner isn’t at all perfect.

However, I find it great that the phone offers other biometric unlock options as they tend to give you a feeling like you’re in in a Matrix movie as long as your phone unlocks just by looking at it. However, a major drawback of having a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner is that it takes away the ability of merely placing a finger on the phone while it’s rested. The extra step of having to physically pick up the device in order to unlock it using a fingerprint is not what users want, but you can use the S8’s built-in iris scanner as a secondary way to unlock your S8 when its stationary. And those screen masks try to help you avoid any confusion.

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Fun more than functional, these screen masks show you where to line up your eyes for the iris scanner in a very entertaining fashion. I cannot read your mind, yet I imagine that there might be a time when an image with you looking like a robot or like a roman gladiator flipped into your mind?

Well now you don’t have to just select the corresponding mask and see for yourself whenever you unlock your phone.
Do you want a friendlier option? I totally get you and so does your Galaxy S8 device. How about looking like a sweet woodland creature or a gingerbread man looking for Hazel and Gretel’s gingerbread house? You can have that too and it’s quite fun!

I recommend taking advantage of the S8’s screen mask that can be found within Iris Scanner under in your phone’s Settings. To be more precise, all these can be accessed by finding your way into Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Iris Scanner > Preview screen mask. The masks actually serve to help align your eyes to the phone, which takes out the guessing game in aligning your eyes to the scanner.

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