How to Take Notes on the Fly with the New Note 9 S Pen

Samsung’s next phone is finally available for all of us who have dreamed of it for quite some time. The Galaxy Note 9 packs a bigger screen than ever before, along with the usual upgrades in power and style, not to mention that Samsung includes the S Pen with the Galaxy Note 9 at no additional charge and what a surprise this proves to be!

I’m a loyal Note customer, but I have been surprised to discover a completely redesigned S Pen for the Galaxy Note 9. The S Pen now has a Bluetooth low-energy module with antenna and supercapacitor. With a full Bluetooth connection, things go a step further and you can use it as a remote camera shutter, a presentation remote with Samsung’s DeX, and much more, while the supercapacitor allows the user to place the S Pen into the holder on the Galaxy Note 9 for under a minute to give it a full charge, providing enough power for 30 minutes of use.

Even so, writing and drawing continue to be important applications for. Screen-off Memo is a handy feature that lets you take notes on the fly on the Note 9’s always-on display without even having to turn the screen on.

When the display is off, just take out the S Pen and Screen-off Memo will turn on, so you’ll have the chance to write on the display right away. As you are used to, you can tap the eraser icon to clear scribbles away or the pin icon to attach notes to your Always-on Display. If you run out of space, simply swipe up to keep writing, and when you’re done, just tap the Save in Notes option.

Then, you can find everything that you might have written or drawn at a certain point in the Samsung Notes app in the App Drawer. These, along with all the extra functionalities that you might have heard about mean that the new S Pen drains more power than ever before, but trust me when I say that you have no reason to be worried about.

The Note 9 S Pen’s supercapacitor recharges extremely quickly (around 40 seconds or so) when it’s docked back into the holder, but even if the battery dies nothing stopes you from note-taking. Its stylus functionality does not rely on Bluetooth LE to operate, but rather on Wacom technology, which gets its power from the digitizer in the Note 9’s display.

So, even if you can’t use the S Pen side button to trigger the camera, play music, or do any of the other new features, you can still rely on the stylus for writing handwritten memos, which is smart and effective. How not to fall in love with the new Note 9 S Pen?

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