How to Get Galaxy S7 Color and Contrast Right

We have all been surprised to see that Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with nothing more than a 12-megapixel camera, but sometimes less is more. There are various special camera and video modes tucked away there, just waiting to be discovered and used, so it is all about exploring beyond your regular boundaries.

For example, I know that when it comes to Galaxy’s S7 camera, you prefer using the Auto mode and I get you. You are not the only one doing that! After all, this mode does its magic and practically selects the correct settings to produce a well-balanced photo in pretty much any situation, but there are also exceptions. By that, I mean that this mode cannot get the color and contrast right, so you need to take control over the situation by using the Pro mode to improve composition.

The Auto mode on the device is very good at choosing the right combination of settings to capture photos in almost all shooting scenarios, but only using the Pro mode you can improve the composition’s actual color and contrast right.

For example, there might be situations when you want to capture the most beautiful sunset that you have ever seen, so wouldn’t it be a shame not to be able to do that? Shooting a sunset in Auto tends to lower the ISO, raise the shutter speed, and adjust the white balance to avoid washing out the whole image. It’s not a bad result, but the amount of light coming in is going to be fairly high, which means less accurate colors and contrasts.

However, if you give a try to the Galaxy S7 Pro mode, you get a much better color and contrast, photos will look more interesting by capturing the reality as it is. And don’t be worried about the change: you just have to enter into Pro mode’s manual settings and have fun capturing the special moments of your life in order to relive them anytime you might want. Do you see how simple it can be, so why not enjoying it?

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