Express Yourself with Minimalistic Text

The key to Android customization is discovery and experimentation, so my advice is to stay vigilant and not to be afraid to try our new things as often as possible. When it comes to the Android home screen, few things can be as fun and useful as a widget. Android widgets are minimal version of an app running from your home screen, but the real problem of using a widget is given by the fact that you are limited to what comes with the apps.

However, there are other options that let you express yourself in ways you have not even imagined up to this point. Thanks to all those amazing customizable widgets and themes in the Play Store, you can customize your home screen according to your moods and desires with clocks, widgets and more, just as you can also view the current weather and the forecasted weather with one of a kind animations.
Don’t you know what to choose? Minimalistic Text is one of the best options when personalizing your home screen with widgets as it lets you express yourself.

Minimalistic Text is the best proof that it’s possible to convey a great deal of information using just words. The app lets you create widgets keep up with the date and display time, monitor battery life, and show weather information, all using simple text-based widgets. Even more, there are plenty of customization options which include font type, colors, size, and not only. If you want your words to read horizontally, you can do that; if you want them vertically, choose this option too – and this is only one example of the possibilities waiting for you.

Take Minimalistic Text: Widgets from here and don’t waste any more time. Try it out and if anything is wrong, write the developers an email at [email protected].

Did this tutorial help you out? Have you already created your own widget with the help of this app? Do not hesitate to comment below, to ask questions and give your opinion, as well as to share the guide though social media to let others take advantage of it too. Thanks in advance for that and keep coming for more!

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