How to Solve Galaxy S8 MMS Issues

I am perfectly aware that you have been looking for various solutions to the issues that you have encountered with your own Galaxy S8 and trust me when I say that there is no hidden joy in that. However, I can only assure you that there are fixes for all these problems, errors, glitches that you are facing and most of them can be found and applied in the comfort of your own home.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is, without doubt, the best smartphone money can buy at this moment, yet I know how annoying it is when such a handset won’t download MMS properly. There are users who complain that the device can receive MMS from Android phones, but not from Windows phones, while others include Android in the list as well.

There are a few things that you can do before saying out loud that there is a serious issue with your smartphone, so let me guide you. Yes, you can also contact your carrier for direct assistance from them, but maybe you’ll figure out the problem by yourself:

How to Solve Galaxy S8 MMS Issues:

  • You should first try to restart the phone. Turn it off then wait for several seconds before turning it back on;
  • Check if the device has good signals. There should always be at least two signal bars to avoid interrupting internet connection and don’t forget to verify if you can send and receive SMS or text message. Like mobile data, MMS may not work if there are SMS service problems. A network-related issue could often lead you to such a situation, so at least rest assured that the source of the problems doesn’t reside in your own device;
  • Ensure that mobile data is working as long as MMS service only works if your Galaxy device is connected to the internet via your carrier’s network;
  • A third party app may be behind the error, so you want to observe how MMS works when phone is booted to safe mode. Safe mode blocks third party apps and if the problem won’t occur while the phone is in safe mode, you can bet a third party app is to blame. It is good to know though that you have attempted to isolate and fix the issue on your own by removing the installed apps and performing a factory reset after that;
  • It’s actually pretty common for a brand new device to experience these MMS problems. If everything else was not a success, then hard reset your Galaxy S8 device. This will completely wipe your phone of any data, so you have to save a backup prior to doing the steps. Then, the procedure returns your handset to its factory settings therefore it fixes almost all issues most of the time.

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Have these tips helped you? As usual, you can send your concerns via the contact form and I will do my best to find a solution for your particular Galaxy S8 problem. Just don’t hesitate to reach out to us and give us the necessary details in order to be able to isolate the issue further!

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