Learn to Send WhatsApp voice messages via Google Assistant

You have to agree with mw on the following mater: WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps today and almost everyone uses it to stay connected with friends and family, to share photos, videos, location, to send audio messages and more.

Speaking of that, you can use Google Assistant in order to send WhatsApp messages. Moreover, Google Assistant lets you send WhatsApp messages online as well as offline and it even accepts offline voice commands, so you have to learn more about it, that’s for sure.

In order to have the chance to use the feature, first of all you must have Google Assistant enabled on your device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, and above. The truth is that you cannot attach files, photos, etc., while sending messages, but you can use Google Assistant to send messages to your contacts via default messaging app on your phone and Hangouts.

I am assuming that you have Google Assistant up, so waste no more time.

Learn to Send WhatsApp voice messages via Google Assistant:

  1. Call Google Assistant by using the usual Ok Google and then speak Open WhatsApp;
  2. You can also speak something else like Send WhatsApp message and it will work;
  3. In this menu, tap on Ok Google detection and set up the assistant;
  4. Google Assistant will immediately ask you to speak up the contact name (if you haven’t already). If you want to skip saying the WhatsApp contact name, then you can directly say “send WhatsApp message to Maria” or any other contact name you have in mind;
  5. After you have said your message, Google Assistant will ask whether you want to change the message or send it. Do the necessary changes if you want or simply send the message by saying ‘Send’ command.

This is it! Google Assistant will take care the rest and send that message to that particular WhatsApp contact. Do you see how simple it really is? I’ve told you so!

However, you must verify that the contact name is unique and if there are duplicate contact names to which you want to send voice messages, then you should better delete them.

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