Solve Galaxy S8 Moisture detected warning Problem

Plenty of our readers who own the Samsung Galaxy S8 are seeking for our assistance as their smartphone started showing this terrible warning: “Moisture has been detected”. Are you one the same situation? Then, let me help you a bit! The warning may be triggered by water itself, especially if the phone got splashed with or submerged in water.

I know that your Galaxy S8 has IP68 rating, but it is still vulnerable to liquid. In other cases, the prompt has nothing at all to do with water damage. It’s just there to let you know that the charging port has residue that’s preventing a clean charge. And there are also times wherein this warning shows up due to a firmware issue.

In fact, I’ve often heard such moisture complaints shortly after an update was installed. Whatever the case may be, we still need to troubleshoot your phone so that you can continue using it properly. After all, Samsung has incorporated a special moisture sensor in the charging port. This prevents any charging process while there is water in it that could lead to short circuits and phone damage.

No one wants that, so this post is here to help you:

Tips and tricks for solving your problem:

  • You can fist try wiping tour device with a smooth cotton cloth. Then, shake it with the charging port facing down to remove any excess water inside the USB port;
  • Blow the USB charging port to help remove any moisture faster;
  • Have you ever heard of rice’s great quality of absorbing moisture out of things? Popping your Galaxy S8 handset in a rice box might sound strange, but it often works. Leave it there for 30-60 minutes and there are big chances to get good results;
  • If you are sure that your phone has not been in contact with water directly and you’ve already tried drying it, then move on to the next step and rule out a potential option. Samsung did not give any official indication whether or not a software bug can trigger this moisture detected warning, but we know there’s something going on. So many users who encountered the problem did confirm that the issue started after updating Android. I know that it doesn’t sound great, but just take that in consideration too;
  • This is your last resort, so it should better work. If the problem is with the firmware already, a reset should take care of it. Prior to the reset, make sure to back up your important files and data as they will be deleted.
  • If the error continues after this, then bring your Galaxy phone back to the store and have it repaired or cleaned.

If you have tried something else that fixed the moisture error, don’t keep it to yourself. Please share with us via the comments area below.

And if you are one of the users who encounter a problem with their Galaxy device, remember to let us know. We are here to offer fast solutions for various Android-related issues.

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