Lawnchair Launcher – New Launcher on the Play Store

Pixel Launcher is the home screen experience for the Pixel and Pixel XL phones by Google. We all want quick access to Google Search on your primary home screen, to swipe up on the bottom Favourites row to find apps from A-Z or to enjoy App Suggestions which can bring the app you’re looking for to the top of the A-Z list. Many of use wanted a Google-y software experience on non-Nexus Android phones and we had that for a while.

The company has decided to part ways with the Now Launcher, but only Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL came with the Pixel Launcher, yet on-Pixel users aren’t able to download the new launcher directly from the Play Store, these days we have plenty of Pixel Launcher alternatives to choose from and some of them are quite surprising.

Lawnchair Launcher is a new launcher on the Play Store, but I feel that it gets the best and mixes all the elements in a refreshed approach. Even if it is still in its beta phase and you might encounter a few bugs here and there, this launcher is a great alternative for anyone looking to get Pixel Launcher on their Android device without having to customize the launcher that they are using.

Lawnchair Launcher presents itself as the launcher bringing Pixel features to masses and I must agree on that with the developers behind it. Once you install the launcher and make it your default, you will instantly see the similarity between the original Pixel Launcher and Lawnchair and that’s what many are looking for.

This one brings a ton of customization along with the Pixel Launcher features such as Notification Dots, App Shortcuts, Adaptive Icons, Notification Previews, and much more. You can also access the Google Now page by swiping right on your home screen. However, just like it happens in Nova, you will have to use Lawnchair’s own Lawnfeed add-on to enable this feature.

Have I convinced you to try it out? Lawnchair Launcher can be taken from here right away.

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