Learn to Activate Bixby Vision in Galaxy Note 9 S Pen

With every single bit of technology crammed into it, Galaxy Note 9 is definitely Samsung’s most advanced phone. It is bigger, heavier, and pricier (it costs at least $70 more) than last year’s model, putting it on par with the iPhone X as one of the most expensive smartphones you can buy, but you cannot regret doing do. This time around Samsung decided to think outside the box regarding the handset itself and its S Pen too, so it will be a delight to discover it.

One of the biggest reasons to use the S Pen is to draw and write, and while it may not be as comfortable as doing any of these on a large-screen tablet, it’s handy being able to sketch something or write down an idea while on the move. However, the S Pen comes with Bluetooth LE support which means you don’t have to constantly rely on tapping the display to get some work done.

You can now do it remotely for apps that support the stylus’ Bluetooth functionality, so there is literally a world of possibilities out there, just waiting for you, besides the regular writing and drawing that you might have been used to. You can use the button on the S Pen to trigger functions from a distance, such as taking photos and controlling media playback, and much more since the S Pen has been improved with a supercapacitor that allows for remote use through Bluetooth.

A Galaxy Note just wouldn’t be right without the S Pen and Samsung’s Bixby Vision cannot lack ether. Bixby is known as Samsung’s own digital assistant, and the Note 9 has a dedicated button to wake it. However, this is a feature you can access in the camera app, and through Air Command this time too. Even if it works a little differently with the S Pen, I am sure you will get used to it in no time, if not even prefer it over the regular one.

Most digital assistants live in the cloud and just touch on your actual phone hardware. Bixby is rooted in the phone, so you can just hover the S Pen over a part of the screen, and Bixby will allow you to scan the area for shopping results and to extract text, find similar images, as well as scan QR codes.

You can also tap the floating Settings icons to disable some of those options if you don’t like using them, but something tells me that you won’t do that anytime soon. Am I right?

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