How to Pair Two Bluetooth Speakers at Once on your Galaxy S9 Plus

Dual Audio allows you to send your media audio to two different Bluetooth devices at once. This means that you can easily use two pairs of headphones at one time and not only. Yes, the main function here is to let two Bluetooth headphones hear what you’re listening to at the same time, like if you’re watching a movie on a flight, but you can also share between two different sets of Bluetooth speakers.

Dual Audio is one of the best Samsung features introduced last year on the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 and it’s too bad that you haven’t used it up to this point on your S9 Plus too. Note that there may be some slight differences in audio between two headphones. I know that you don’t like the idea, but Samsung doesn’t have any calibration tools to fix this, so there’s no magical tip in this case.

As for me, the experience was smooth and flawless and I couldn’t notice such differences up to now. So, the next time you and your friend want to watch a movie, apply the below steps and listen to the audio on your individual earphones.

How to Pair Two Bluetooth Speakers at Once on your Galaxy S9 Plus:

  1. To begin the procedure, enter into Settings;
  2. Then, go to Connections > Bluetooth;
  3. Here you must toggle its switch to ON;
  4. Tap on Bluetooth and use the Scan option to find available devices;
  5. Make sure the two Bluetooth headphones or speakers you want to connect are in pairing mode and like that, you will see them under Available Devices or Paired Devices if you connected them in the past;
  6. Once they show up, tap on them so that they get connected;
  7. After they are paired successfully, tap the three-dot menu icon in the top right corner of the screen;
  8. Now, tap Dual audio;
  9. Tap the toggle in the top right corner of the Dual audio page.

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