Fix Galaxy S8 that won’t Unlock due to Unknown Error

Were you experimenting a certain issue on your device and all the performed troubleshooting steps made no difference? Then, you probably thought of returning all software settings back to their defaults with a factory reset and yes, this was indeed a wise move. As long as there’s no hardware malfunction involved, you should be able to fix the problem with factory reset, yet something that things are not perfectly OK.

When you try to verify your account, you might be getting a message saying “Unknown error, try another account or wait for 24 hours.” I am sure that you are making no mistake when it comes to the right account and password, so you most likely need a fix for your Galaxy S8 that won’t unlock under any circumstances due to this error.

Well, let me remind you that your smartphone is currently protected by Factory Reset Protection (FRP). In recent versions of Android, once a device such as your own Galaxy S8 has been tied to a Google account, you need to use the same account and password to “unlock” it if you reset it. This is known as (Factory Reset Protection), and it’s done to make stolen phones less valuable; if you steal my phone you can’t unlock the screen to use it, and if you reset it you need my Google account information to set it up again.

If you can’t use my phone, what is the point of wanting it in the first place? But having this feature also means that you’ll have to ensure that the device is connected to the internet before you attempt to unlock it with your Google account. Without an internet connection, there is no chance to succeed.

After all, there is nothing complicated about Factory Reset Protection. As long as the phone can connect to Google servers via the internet and you are able to provide the correct Google account username and password, things should be okay.

If this error message persists even after meeting these two requirements, then you should better bring the Galaxy S8 device to your nearest Samsung store with the proof of purchase and let them unlock the device for you. They definitely have some experience with solving the issue.

If you find this guide as being helpful for solving the problem, don’t hesitate to help us by spreading the word to your friends. There are others who might experience the same issue and don’t know what to do!

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