Install Mi A1’s Android One Launcher on Android

Xiaomi’s Mi A1 has something special that users have been talking about since its release. Unlike Xiaomi’s regularMi phones, this one has a distinctive feature in terms of software: it runs stock Android, not Xiaomi’s own MIUI layer. Android One and its Android One Launcher are one of a kind and the best part is that even if you own a non-Android One phone, you can now download the launcher that ships with this handset for free.

Amir Zaidi, who goes by the name AmirZ on Reddit, has now released a rootless port of Android One launcher. This includes support for adaptive icons, you chance to swipe up to access your app drawer, and there’s even a working Google Feed on the left-most side.

I know that this sounds a lot like the Pixel 2 launcher, but that’s a plus. The two main differences are that the search bar is at the top rather than below the dock and there’s no special At a Glance widget, but I like things better this way.

In order to get the Android One launcher on your phone, you have to download the APK file to your phone and enjoy it. However, note that before installing the modified launcher, you must have neither the Pixel launcher nor the Android One launcher already installed on your own device. In such cases, the procedure will fail, so you are simply wasting your time.

How to Install Mi A1’s Android One Launcher on Android:

  1. First of all, you have to take the APK file;
  2. Up next, you must install it on your device as you do with any other APK;
  3. Once you are done, set the default home screen as the new one and you are good to go.

Lastly, if you need any help, remember that that’s why I am here for. Just use the contact form or the comments section on that precise matter.

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