What to Do About Galaxy S8 Red Display Issue

If you’ve noticed a weird red tint on your new Galaxy S8, then be sure that you are not the only one saying that. And even if the handset is recently released, it seems that the issue goes way before that. Some people who got their hands on the Galaxy S8 early announced that their screens had a reddish tint and they tried anything. Even their repeated attempts of changing the color settings did not make a huge difference and now, that more and more people are buying the handset, they need to know what to do about Galaxy S8 red display issue.

Rumor has it that the color issue is caused by Samsung‘s factory settings, which had attempted to reduce some of the green that comes through on its screen. In such conditions, Samsung said that it wasn’t a problem and suggested users to contact the company’s support team.

Another possibility is given by Samsung too; the company states that users already have the ability to modify the color settings in displays, yet this lead to no solution for so many Galaxy S8 buyers. The Galaxy S8 was built with an adaptive display that optimizes the colour range, saturation, and sharpness depending on the environment. If needed, users can manually adjust the color range of the display to change the appearance of white tones, so feel free to adjust the colour balance on your phone.

For that, open the Settings app on Galaxy S8, go to Display and select it, choose Screen Mode, then Colour balance and take your time to play with the R, G, B sliders.

Many users did the same, but the red color continued to stand out too much.Therefore, Samsung had to listen to its clients and has decided to release a software update which will provide customers with a further enhanced ability to adjust the color setting and fix this terrible problem.

This seems like the salvation that you are looking for and I don’t want to worry you, but an industry source with access to Samsung’s display manufacturing process doesn’t confirm the big news. He states that the issue is actually related to “chronic manufacturing problems involving the uneven appliance of pixels” (this is exactly what an employee told The Investor).

A software update might not be enough to affix this issue, yet is the only plausible move for the moment. Let’s hope that this will have the power to solve the error. Let me know when it comes to your device too and if it makes any difference or not.

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