Enjoy Google Calendar which focuses on what’s really important

Correct me if I am wrong, but I tend to believe that a calendar app needs to have some good options to set appointments, reminders, and also should be giving enough information about the important dates during every single month. However, the truth is that Google’s app store is filled with a ton of options even when it comes to finding the best calendar apps, so how not to be confused?

I know that this is not your fault as you are here, looking for help and I don’t want to make you waste your precious time. If simplicity and reliability matter to you equally, then I can tell you for sure that Google’s Calendar is perfect for you.

This Google Calendar app focuses on what’s really important, making your schedule easy to read, making the app easy to navigate, and making events so simple to add. Do you like the sound of that? After all, this calendar app lets you plan all your events in the same app – you can write your to-do list, create notes with photos, check weather information, and much more.

Let me also tell you that the app collects data from your Gmail, it creates events in your calendar automatically and you’ll be notified about them all the time. You can also add to-dos and add personal goals manually to get notified about them and even better, it will be synced across all your devices.

The app has viewing options that’ll please everyone, and Google makes it easy to jump between them without digging through menus. This is great if you want to quickly dive into a broader or more detailed view of your schedule. However, integration with third-party apps is not perfect. Google can make it much more flexible for serious digital organizers.

If you are willing to accept that, then this download link is waiting for you.

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